Keeping the mahajan tradition alive ( )

Close to two decades, and this young entrepreneur from Ahmedabad, gets up every morning, with the solitary objective of creating value for the society.

“No doubt, capital is lifeless, but not the capitalists who are amenable to conversion.” -MK Gandhi

Having been brought up in an environment that was cultivated with the five principles of Jain faith, being Truth, Non-Violence, Non-Stealing, Non- Possession and Non-attachment he grew up into a promising young man who drew inspiration from MK Gandhi’s ‘Hind Swaraj’. Extremely well read and hugely informed, he was absolutely clear about the role of entrepreneurship as a change agent. This background coupled with the genetic lineage of the ‘Baniya’ tradition was enough to put him into an orbit of creating ‘well-being’ through enterprise interventions.

Since years, Mithun is involved in managing ‘Arya Sanskrti’; a trading venture that deals with organic and holistic wellness offerings. And mind you, it is nothing close to typical organic wares selling retail outlet. Mithun started to focus on the daily consumption pattern of an average individual and started making products that would provide for anyone’s everyday needs. Be it a dantmanjan made from centuries old recipe, hand churned cow ghee, pesticide free pulses and grains to organically made jaggery and much more. From food to personal care to utensils, Arya Sanskruti gradually added all the consumables that are required during the day.


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