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Founders Note

World over, societies are struggling in search for means of ‘well-being’. We as ‘Bhartiya’ are blessed to be born in a culture that has been the well being capital of the world always. Human Well Being cannot be achieved by a specific activity, it can only be attained by approaching the everyday life and activities with profoundness. ‘Arya Sanskriti’ is an attempt to be a bridge that takes you towards a profound, healthy and joyful life. Through carefully made products and services, Arya Sanskriti aims to provide well being to seeking families by way of offering products that are Organic, Natural, Traditional, Environment Friendly, Violence Free, Local, Fair Trade, having low carbon foot print and mostly handmade. The products are sourced from Organic Farmers and Skilled Artisans from across the region.

Using these products have enormous environmental and social advantages, that apart it will lead you and your family to holistic well-being.


To create awareness and interest in the profound spiritual wisdom of ancient India by nurturing the revival of traditional lifestyle practices that are organic and natural.


  • To create demand for organic foods, traditional textiles, Handicrafts and Metal Crafts through thoughtful retail practices.
  • Directly support artisans and craftspeople by facilitating financial assistance and training programmes
  • To revive the 18 varna system based on ancient Indian Knowledge systems

About The Founder

Mithun Shah’s solitary objective is to create lasting value in the society.

Having been brought up in an environment that was cultivated with the five principles of Jain faith, being Truth, Non-Violence, Non Stealing, Non- Possession and Non-attachment he grew up into a promising young man who draws inspiration from his Guruji. Extremely well read and hugely informed, he is absolutely clear about the role of entrepreneurship as a change agent. This background, coupled with the genetic lineage of the ‘Mahajan’ tradition has put him into an orbit of creating ‘well-being’ through enterprise interventions. Mithun makes sure that his business processes and his personal lifestyle are aligned and that they embody the philosophy of non violence, non-wastage and natural means – keeping in mind the  ultimate goal of Moksh Purushsharth with the help of Arth purusharth.

Mithun’s zeal and passion guides and fuels the growth of ‘Arya Sanskriti’